Facebook = still lame but not as lame

OK, I may have just had faith revived in facebook.

No. It’s still creepy. But now there is a feature that seems wholly built for what I am trying to do with Kernel Mixed Media.

Facebook is overloaded with thousands of lame applications. An application can serve you, but for the most part they bug the crap out of you through all of the stupid invitations you’re going to get every time you sign in (which in my case is only every three or four days so they pile up). I found what is most certainly my favorite application.

Facebook – video. I have been trying to figure out a way to host blip.tv onto my facebook page. But thanks to this application I can just reload my videos onto facebook. I’m positive this is the best way to promote your video site. The quality is really nice and it lets you load files up to 300 MB.

So if you’re on facebook find the Kentucky Kernel and check us out. I’m uploading videos as we speak.


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