Cats survive last minute scare

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Last night I shot the Ole Miss game. I did much, much better than I did at the last game, Arkansas.

I think I’m coming a long as a shooter from working with mixed media so much. I think differently simply because you have to. I’m finally starting to realize how much of this art is just within your brain.

I was telling Emily and Kristin that I used to shoot really old school, like Dave, because he was all I had been exposed to. The guy sees features, you know, the moments, better than any one I have ever shot with. He truly is one of the best in the country at finding a picture. I was all about that when I first started shooting and didn’t put all of my efforts into the rest. But that’s not a good plan.

Then, I think I became a little consumed with building a picture. “Oh, I can layer. Ooh boy look at all of that repetition. Wait, if I expose for the highlights I can make it look like that cool shot by whoever.” For a long time I was doing what Jim calls trying to be like your favorite photographer. You’re copying that person’s style so hard that it gets in the way of your own.


In Evarts, during the workshop, Britney told me that all the pictures I shot were like what she thinks my portfolio should look like, but it doesn’t. I think I’m finally starting to match my pictures to where my heart is. I am starting to find my place. I can see it just in my multimedia photos. They’re pushing my boundaries.

I’m trying to out think the guy next to me, because that’s when I will get him. Not when I can have a D3 that is capable of 25000 ISO or when I can pull frame grabs or when I can snatch up 10 fps.

All of that is great, but I don’t need that anymore. I hope you’re seeing what I’m finally feeling. I notice it in some of your pictures. Some of my friends who have started to develop their style are Ed, Britney and Elliott.

I’m not worried about “keeping up” with them or anybody anymore. I just want to do what feels right.


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