I’m hit and miss I guess

I can tell you’re losing faith in me.

Over the past week I’ve watched my hits go down, nearly ten per day. So I know you’re fed up of coming and not being entertained. The fact isn’t that I have been too busy. After several really stressful weeks, I am glad to say I had a nice relaxing week last week. No, I just don’t have the Internet at my house, or a computer for that matter.

I would like to say it will get better over the next few days, but I have mucho to do. Tomorrow is apartment searching again and teaching Britney how to manipulate Kernel Mixed Media, since she is the all ready chosen mixed media editor for 2008-2009. Wednesday morning is more apartment hunting and I get a take home test that I have no idea how I will be able to even answer (even with the help of wiki). Thursday is write two last minute papers and still get A’s. Then Friday is turn in the take home that I will have spent 5,217 times as many man hours on, and still make a worse grade than the two papers.

In other news, I’m the only candidate for editor-in-chief unless someone “comes from within the woodwork.” This makes me nervous. Not someone coming up. Just the job. I know I’m not as well polished as some of the editors in the past, but I have full faith in our staff to carry us through a great year. I think a great editor only takes you so far anyways. You have to have a committed staff, yeah, not a large one. I just wish I had another  year with a few of our most committed.

But alas, I don’t, and we will be making great papers with our small but determined group. My main goal is to be the best in journalism at online media. Um, did you read that right? Yeah, I said journalism. Not just college. I want to win a Pacemaker for our Web site and our online storytelling abilities.

Heck, throw in a few old fashioned wins while you’re at it. Whose in?


2 Responses to “I’m hit and miss I guess”

  1. alliegee Says:

    Count me in.

    Take Britney with you. She needs to get on that apartment hunting for me.

    Also, sorry for not calling you back. I had a really good photo weekend, though. I’d like your opinion on some pictures.

  2. toppcat0509 Says:

    I’m with you Brad! I know you will lead us into a successful new year!

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