Hire me, I’ll work hard

I just had an early wake up call.

The semester is over halfway over and that means my college career is almost over. Holy crap, mom did you hear me? I’m almost educated! That’s hard for me to take in. I’m sure my friends who are seniors are thinking I should shut up. So I will.

This semester has been my best at UK. I am proud to say that I have the best grades I have ever had (3 A’s, 1 B and 1 C), but that’s not where I am learning. I have learned through trial and error in building a Web site. David Stephenson and Jim Winn  have been a part of that in what is almost a communal effort to figure out the best way for production with our sites.

I have been working hard to promote this site. If anyone has any tips on how I should go about that, I am open. We’re going to launch a facebook campaign which I am pretty sure will not only familiarize our readers with our site, but get them there and keep them there.

It’s a fun place to be. You have videos to watch, embed and comment on. All of our visual stories make it there. I just want to know how to get people checking it as a part of routine. I know it will just take time.

Until that time, I will keep spending hours trying to get people there through word of mouth on facebook, because as Sean Blanda says, facebook is the new beer for our generation.

So click here to join us.


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