This is what K[mm] can do for you

Hey staffers,
Some of you may remember me pestering about uploading your resumes to the site. Well, maybe only two of you, because Eric and Britney were the only two who actually sent me theirs. Click my ugly mug to see why you should:


OK, now that you have searched that over, what do you think? To answer your questions, yes we can load up PDFs of clips and flash files with your portfolios. But I just don’t have anything ready.

To get your mug, resume and work on the site, take these steps:

1) Have someone take your mug shot. Find a clean background.

2) Get a PDF of your resume. I think it’s an export option on Quark.

3) Tell me what mixed media pieces of yours you want to load in.

4) Size your portfolio pictures to be 600 at the widest point.  If you have clips put those in PDF or PNG format.

5) Put all of this in a folder with your name on it, zip it and send it to me

This is a big deal for all of us because now we have our own place to show our work quickly. You choose what you want. Don’t take this for granted. People will be looking at our site, and you want your name out there and to be accessible.


One Response to “This is what K[mm] can do for you”

  1. alliegee Says:

    When I’m in Lexington can we retake my mug? I’ll give you an updated resume and portfolio (because I need to add and take out a few things) then as well.

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