Yes it was

Blogger Note: I’m not going to keep going for so long without posting. I don’t learn as much when I’m not blogging. You guys teach me so much about my own work and what it should be. I promise to resume my blog full speed this week. If I don’t let me know. I will be letting you know.

This was the best assignment I have gotten to shoot in a long time.

Hillary Clinton came to Louisville yesterday to pick up where her husband and former president, Bill Clinton, had left off last week. Instead of a thoughtful essay that’s written well about what I learned, I thought I would just bullet it so you don’t have to pick through all of my b.s. ideas.

  • An apparent local photographer grossed me out yesterday. He walked down from the media platform and into the pit where all of the supporters were cheering and throwing signs in the air. He asked a supporter to move from one side to the other so he could get his shot. He told the guy he was in the way of the media.This is unacceptable folks! The media are there because this matters to the people we’re communicating to. The supporters are not there to make our pictures better. We are documenting this event. If you can’t see because of a supporter, that’s your fault. You shouldn’t have picked that spot.
  • Julie and I were talking and we both agree we would love to follow a campaign across the country. It would be so great to be a campaign photographer or reporter. The challenge of trying to find what makes each speech different, or where the new photo is would be tremendous. If I ever get this opportunity I will surely jump on it.
  • Another broadcast photographer was kind enough to move his whole set up about a foot to the right so I would have room to stand on the press area. In no way did he need to do that, because he had spent an hour and a half setting up and I hadn’t. This was all too kind, and he is the guy that keeps me from being pissed off at the entire broadcast media.
  • In general I have found through three years of shooting events where media flock that newspaper photographers in Kentucky have a similar outlook to the one that I have. Let’s help each other out and not be jerks about the information we have. Mark Cornelison and the rest of the H-L staff prove that idea every time I see them. That’s appreciated.

Anyways, here are the photos. Which of these first two do you like more?




The opinions expressed on this blog are not necessarily those of the Kentucky Kernel. What is that of the Kernel are the photos on here, so don’t take them.


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