Yeah Beaux-YEEEE*

I went to Beaux Arts last night. Thousands of kids. One warehouse. Lots of drag queens. All for charity. At the bottom you can read the history from the site.

Gay still means happy, and he\'s happy to be gay

Angel in the air

Pretty in pink

“Lexington began its own Beaux Arts Ball in 1969. Throughout the years its legacy has continued, and its popularity has grown significantly. Visitors have come to the Ball from the University of Kentucky, the community of Lexington, surrounding cities and counties, and even internationally. The event has been held in unique spaces all around the city, from tobacco warehouses to hotel parking garages. They come to explore creativity, enjoy music and spectacle, and celebrate comraderie. The Beaux Arts Ball is planned and organized by students from the University of Kentucky’s College of Design and is the largest student-run, non-profit organization in the state of Kentucky. We strive to foster creativity and diversity, and our ultimate goal is to raise money for charity and strengthen the community of Lexington.

Each year our donation has grown, and in 2007, we donated an astonishing $14,000 dollars in student scholarships and to the Aids volunteers of Lexington. Past donations have been to the Lexington Community Action Council and Moveable Feast. We thank the community of Lexington, those who support us with donations, and especially those who attend each year for making the Beaux Arts Ball an exhilarating and truly unique event!”

*Not worthy of blogging, this event spurred a whiskey tango foxtrot. Click here to read.


One Response to “Yeah Beaux-YEEEE*”

  1. lenscapremoved Says:

    Ed asked me if that first photo was lens flare. It’s not. It’s just the light in the last picture, only a green one.

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