It means decision day.

Or maybe destruction. I guess today could even end in despondence. I guess.

I haven’t decided. Well what I mean by I haven’t decided is that the Kernel board hasn’t decided. Today is the day I interview for editor-in-chief of the 2008-2009 Kentucky Kernel.

It’s an honor to be a candidate. It’s nearly torturous to be the only candidate, because I have been told that they have extra time to pick through and really, really make sure I am the one.

I just want it to be me. Sure, I am the only candidate. But I want them to be comfortable, excited if possible, with me as editor, not, “Shucks, I wish someone else had been around.”

So I’m not sure how much deciding or destruction will be going on. I’m sure there wont be much despondency. But I do know there still is a decision even if I am the only candidate. The decision to allow this chump to run a paper. To run one of the best college newspapers in the country.

Really only one feeling keeps coming back to me. It’s one of anxiousness, butterflies, excitement all among others. But most of all, it’s just another D-Day.

It’s a daunting task just trying to think about what comes with this job.


One Response to “D-Day”

  1. alliegee Says:

    Let me know how everything goes!

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