Half cup on the house

For the past two weeks I have been searching for a free FTP program that would just do what I wanted to do. Transfer files.

To update KMM, you have to be able to FTP. Whatever the last post you do is going to appear on the front page and I need an FTP program to upload my thumbnail. The problem hasn’t been finding a free one, just finding one that actually drops it into the stupid folder.

Even with the “best” FTP programs, you’re going to run into the problem of files not being transferred. I attribute that point to Jim Winn, who pointed out to me that Fetch often says a file has been transferred when it in fact has not been. I didn’t realize it was Fetch, not user error, until after he pointed this out.

After all of my futile searching, I stumbled onto a free FTP program that Jeff Gora put on my computer when he cleaned it out for me. It’s CoffeeCup Free FTP.

If you’re a PC user, this is good great news. Yes, it does back out of your folder after it times out but this because that’s how free/demo software works. There is always a better option for the green. But without spending the $34.00, you still get a very usable program.

If you’re a Mac user you can still try the Fetch and pay the $25.00 bones to buy, but I don’t recommend. I think you should try Transmit. It’s the way to go for the Macs. Take your picks below, but for Windows I say go to Coffee Cup for free. You can try out Transmit for free but pay the $30.00 and get it.



coffee cup


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