News for the news sites

After becoming mixed media editor, I became interested in Web site design. . . shouldn’t that have been the other way around, in that I liked Web sites and therefore became mixed media editor? Whatever.

Either way, I love learning about the code, trying (and failing) to learn Flash, and read a few blogs religiously. Something I think is amazing for those of us who only recently got into this phenomenon of being in control of your own corner of the Web is WordPress.ORG can do for you and your business/newspaper/personal site.

OK, so let’s take WordPress a bit farther. You can download themes from all over the Web, but by far the best themes that I know of are the Revolution themes. I truly see this as an opportunity for those of us who aren’t Web savvy to start our own site. The site is easy, the code has explanations all through it. I was giving someone a tutorial and was actually surprised at how helpful all of the new code is. There are eight themes to pick from, and they’re only 80 bucks.

It’s in our best interest to take advantage of technology like this. Brian Gardner is a genius because he’s probably making a killing off these site templates, but he is also the leader of a true revolution. Templates for Web sites have been around for years, but his template gives you a starting point but completely invites you to take it from there and do whatever you want with it. His developer package gives you all eight themes for only 400 bucks. I’m personally thinking about a purchase.

In between the lines:
Coming soon: a helpful site for those of us who really are flash retarded, but still want to try.


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