And just like that it had begun

I showed up for my first true day of work and just like that, I had an assignment.

I guess it was all ready waiting on me, but I thought I wouldn’t have anything today. I’m glad I did, but I just figured today would be getting reacquainted with the Herald-Leader’s methods and getting my badge (which I don’t have so I will continue to meet the entire security crew at the paper, but that’s no big deal).

I’m glad I got an assignment though, because this one was cool. It was a biking event for Bike Lexington where people get together for free beer at Kentucky Ale Brewery then ride to different restaurants around town. I give my props to Shane Tedder and the other organizers for such a cool even, and actually all of the events they have been working on since February.

I left early to get all of the shots of them actually biking. The only one that didn’t come from that is the lights, which I only snatched for a detail. I thought it combined the idea of bikes and beer well enough. I know this event wasn’t about beer so much as making Lexington more bike friendly, but everyone else seemed to be pretty excited about free brews.

So welcome back. It’s not Beyond the map stars anymore, but it’s still an adventure. Summer is here, and I’m exploring the world once again. New experiences every day, and then to Europe (which if someone will tell me if wireless works the same in Europe or not, I want to do a travel blog again). Together, we, the young people, are going to conquer this idea of journalism dying. It’s only as true as we let it be. We just need a few innovative brains on how we can overcome (One, Two, Three).


One Response to “And just like that it had begun”

  1. alliegee Says:

    If you see another blinky light, will you grab me one? I lost mine :(

    I hope you’re still using yours.

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