Barrel rollin’

Meet Jimmy Johnson. The 92-year-old has done every millionth barrel of bourbon for Buffalo Trace since the end of Prohibition. This was the company’s sixth. Johnson’s last was rolling of the millionth barrel was 27 years ago. The next one is expected in about 20 years.

A very raw bourbon takes about five to six years. Quality bourbons are at least six or seven. While I don’t claim to be an expert, I know that the really good bourbon is around eight. So you can see that the longer the better. Well they expect to keep this one for at least 10 years and up to 12 and it will be used for some type of special edition bourbon.

Being on a distillery was very cool. A brewery and a distillery in one week. I had been to other breweries, but never a distillery. The smell is something you wouldn’t likely forget.

Check out the multimedia piece I did.


One Response to “Barrel rollin’”

  1. Good work man real clean nice audio, great photos. -jp

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