Leaps and bounds

It’s no Vincent Laforet, but it’s not remotes either.

I had a really good time shooting this event, but I just wish there hadn’t been so many stragglers around. Like this kid who is standing at the bottom left of this frame. He was really nice, but I wish I could have found a cleaner background. On the side this photo was taken from there was anywhere from 3 to 5 people at any given moment.

The light was beautiful though. Despite none of these running, I don’t even care because the assignment was fun (I haven’t talked to anyone but I’m pretty sure they were really tight on space. It looked like it anyways. That’s the newspaper business. I hate when I have to cut people’s work but sometimes you just have no choice) and I got to hang with Travis.

This was a picture I liked a lot, but couldn’t find this kid after the fact. I have no idea who this kid is and probably wont. There was hundreds of kids there, and they were hard to catch after they did their thing.

Also another girl who got away. Normally on long jump they go several times, but I waited and waited for her and she never came back around.

Fun assignment. Glad I got to go. I wish I could get one of these bike assignments. They look fun.


One Response to “Leaps and bounds”

  1. Can’t sleep tonight so instead I’m looking through everyone’s blogs. How is everything at the H-L. I miss you already!

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