Nothing soft about it

If you have time let me know what you think. I’m shooting the state championship tonight. I’ll put those up tomorrow.

I really like this picture because of her smile. It’s not well composed or anything, but I think it’s better to have a good moment than good composition. This is the last play of the game; she knew her team had won right here. Before she even caught it.

Some tips for shooting softball that I have learned:

  • Go ahead and nail down your batting pictures. Those are boring and all going to be the same. After that, start paying attention to the bases and prefocusing. It’s not likely you’ll have time to focus. In fact, go ahead and aim too.
  • Shortstop is the key. Just watch shortstop and you’ll get good game action (hence the photo above).
  • When the bases are loaded, you can go ahead and say forget first base, and probably second. Everyone else on the field is thinking of home plate, which means you should be too.
  • Softball fans are nuts, and it’s awesome pictures (hence photo below).
  • Softball really is a bad name. They should just switch it to fastpitch, because there is nothing soft about these girls (also hence photo above in head first dive).

All photos copyright Lexington Herald-Leader. To purchase prints, visit and click the ad at the top right of the screen.


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