Up on the dugout

This is your immediate view when you shoot a softball game:

While that doesn’t make a very good picture for the paper, it definitely satisfies my taste for this blog. I dig it. I kept watching for someone to look up enough to ya know, get a face. But I don’t really think you need a face here. The repetition of the heads and hands is plenty. But a face my help.

I wish I had worked the scene above a little more. I took probably seven frames, two to test the exposure for the sunset. As most of you can guess, I had to underexpose the field to get the sky right, so there is some noise going on with the field and players, but I generally like this photo.

This is coach Sabrina McCullough. I’ve shot two of her games now and enjoy watching her team play. I’m actually a pretty big fan of softball now. Shooting it that is. I’m not sure if I could watch it without being on top of the dug out. That’s not because it’s not exciting, I just like my view.

But sometimes you gotta change up the view and head to the backstop. And here is where I whipped out the H-L’s 300 f 2.8 and said, “Man, I gotta get me one of deeeez.” It’s great for sports. I have it until Saturday, when I’m shooting the Kentucky Horsemen, or arena football at Rupp Arena. I’m going to perch in the crow’s nest and try this bad boy out.


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