A sad day will come

Yes, it can be true. Lens cap removed will finally have to put the cap back on and be satisfied with what we’ve accomplished together.

What have we accomplished? This time last year Ed, Elliott and I were sitting in Yellow Stone National Park (just saying that gives me a teary-eyed feeling and goose bumps) and I was excited about a cup of coffee. We had been roughing it through the Rocky Mountains, and I remember the exact layout of that room, and remember a great photo Ed took of me and Elliott sitting on the bed together with our Dells. I remember leaving Yellow Stone and reaching Montana and being excited about the Internet. I remember the Cats fans we ran into in that tiny town in the corner of Montana. I remember being attacked by that bear that left a scar on my knee.

I remember Keith arriving at Pomo Street, which was the first time I had seen him without a beard in months. We joked about how the summer was Keith’s last chance to relax, because he was going to be editor-in-chief of the Kernel when we got back. I had so much respect for that position, and for Keith for taking it on. I feel a crushing weight on my chest when I think about how big of an honor it is to follow Keith and be the second photographer to run the Kernel.

And now, one year later, I sit in my air conditioned room finishing off this cup of coffee, just to know there is more in the pot. I showered this morning and yesterday. One year ago, I was taking my first shower in over six days. Ben Folds is playing, “It sucks to grow up…the years go on and we’re still fighting it.” In a way, I agree. This sucks.

Left to right: Keith, Ed, Elliott and myself at Yosemite National Park wishing we were only half as good as Ansel Adams.

I’m in Kentucky. Ed is in Florida. Elliott is in effing Idaho. And Keith will soon enough ship off to Tennessee. All I want is to see Martha, Dave, Greg and Penny. I feel so selfish for saying that, because next Thursday I leave to embark on another journey. I leave for Europe. But as I said in the beginning, this is about the farewell of lenscapremoved, and that makes me sad and forced to think about last summer.

Ed, Elliott & Keith, I wish we could drive through Death Valley right now, just so I could pull out and leave Elliott scampering on the blacktop which had a ground temperature of over 200 degrees.

I thank all of you for keeping up with this site. It’s been great. I’m closing in on 40 thousand views, which I think is incredible. It makes me feel really appreciated. On our fourth day out this site saw 670 hits in one day, a record for this site that has yet to be trumped. Not really even close since I’ve been back from California.

I’ve been able to critique my own work and get feedback from all the great photographers I know. I appreciate the community we have developed. I’ve gotten to see Ed, Elliott, Britney, Emily, Kristin and Sabrina start their own photo blogs, which I think is great.

But yes, once again, it is true. Brad Luttrell has his own site, which I will be officially announcing on here next week. A few reasons for the departure:

  • I had to pay 20 bucks to have this site hold the amount of photos I have. This happened before I ever made it to California, because of the rate we were uploading. Now that the time is nearing again, I am not going to pay 20 bucks for a blog that isn’t customizable.
  • It’s time to be a little more professional. I need a home for my portfolio, and most of all, my own section of the Web. When my space is revoked and this is just text, it wont mean very much for a photographer. I now own two domains and have server space.
  • I’m getting left behind as all photographers at my level are making this move. This blog has been great but I can’t accomplish as much as I can with my own domain.

So, if you haven’t figured it out by now, I will be doing another travel blog when I go to Europe. But it’s time to move on, and that blog will be on my site that I will announce next week. I hope you’ll visit. If I could see a third of the success I saw on this blog I would be happy.

Thanks for all of the support. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.


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