You’ll never know if you don’t look

I told our assigning editor I had to drop off my paper on campus. He asked me to shoot a few morning stand alones for the Web, so I thought this would be a good challenge. Finding new photos on my own turf. I sucked. The above photo is the most shot photo on campus besides ones of just Memorial Hall’s spire.

Campus is full of pockets of light and layering opportunities. I tried to use those to my advantage, but still think all of this stuff is mediocre. The photo I thought was the nicest was the lady sleeping in the sun, but despite my pleas, she didn’t want to be in the paper.

So I’ve wandered for an hour, when I’m on my way to my car to drive over to the basketball courts and a grounds crew member points up. He says, “I got three baby chicken hawks up there that you should see.” I looked up and could see what did not look like babies moving around. Thankfully, I still had the 300 in my car. I got the photo below from going up to the third floor of the Main Building and shooting through the Law Office’s window. I thank them for allowing me to shoot, because I think I interrupted a meeting.

I thought this was just proof that you should listen to those random people who tell you, “Take a picture of this,” and even better, that we all need to keep in mind that you wont know what you can find if you don’t look.

Between the lines:
I’m buying a Mac today. ;)


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