Introducing my new site


It looks great and I’m proud of it. I’ve worked hard on it over the past three weeks.

Well, I’m a little disappointed it’s not as complete as I wanted it to be. I’ve fought with getting my portfolio on here in a fancy flash file for the past four hours or so, and it’s not going to happen before I leave. Hopefully I’ll get something up tomorrow though.

I haven’t had time to run any tests on it, but I do know THIS SITE DOES NOT WORK WELL WITH EXPLORER. Several things probably play into that, but the biggest one is that Internet Explorer blows. So if you’re using it, click here and see what you’re missing. If you’re still using Netscape, don’t even talk to me.

So, yeah, a few problems. But, the most important thing is the blog function works in Explorer. The site looks best in Safari and Firefox because all of the right fonts will work in those browsers. I know, I’m working on all of this. By the end of summer if will be fully functional. I can’t figure out how to make my homepage photo load up in Explorer though.

So please, click here, to go straight to the blog. I leave for Europe in one day, and plan to blog the heck out of this new site. Some keep coming for photos. I’ll be leaving them all over the place.

Thanks for liking Lenscapremoved, but


is the putting the cap on this old blog.


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