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July 12, 2007

This has been my family since the beginning of June. I’m going to miss them over the next few weeks as I go back to Middlesboro, but I’ll be reunited with three of them a bit sooner than the pretty lady in the cowboy hat. One person has made Ventura, California my home for an […]

A sad day will come

May 31, 2008

Yes, it can be true. Lens cap removed will finally have to put the cap back on and be satisfied with what we’ve accomplished together. What have we accomplished? This time last year Ed, Elliott and I were sitting in Yellow Stone National Park (just saying that gives me a teary-eyed feeling and goose bumps) […]

It’s like out West, only without the 5,000 mile drive

December 23, 2007

With a dead story and only a day and a half to shoot, I wanted to leave Evarts, Ky with more than what I came with. I could be sentimental and say, “Oh but I met so many new friends and had fun and it was a great learning experience.” But really, I wanted good […]

Compare and contrast

August 2, 2007

I was able to spend tonight with a very good friend of mine who I haven’t seen nearly enough this summer. Allie and I went to a concert together (TV on the Radio) in Cincinnati and got to spend the entire evening together. We chatted about our trips this summer and I got to hear […]

Kernel came a callin’

July 26, 2007

Note to readers: Kernel duties came knocking at my door, or ringing at my phone if you want the truth. I doubt they would have driven 130 miles to ask me to write a column to fill space for today’s paper. Shannon Mason, the summer editor-in-chief, said I could write about whatever. I didn’t know what else to […]