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Day of pride

Posted in Mary Margaret on May 11, 2008 by lenscapremoved

My girlfriend, Mary Margaret, graduated recently. I hadn’t planned on loading up any photos. I didn’t think I had anything besides “party pic” type photos, but I liked these two. I’m proud of her. She took the job in Louisville and moved yesterday. So today is day one of long distance.


Right hand on my heart

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Things on my mind:

* How can I become a better copy editor? – I’m not doing so well in my copy editing class. I have a B, but that’s through the grace of Mike Farrell’s scoring system. I would imagine if I keep bombing these style quizes that I’m going to end up dropping my grade. I have a B in there right now, which is nice. Soon I will have to copy edit two 3 hour shifts, which will be a rough experience for me but a necessary one for any guy who thinks he’s going to be an editor of a newspaper.

* What are we going to do with our Web site next year? – My plan was to start building a new Web site for the Kernel over the summer, but now I’m confused and in limbo with this idea. Apparently the new College Publisher is really slick, and Sean Blanda over at Temple brought to light a few problems with their site, which is a WordPress. Even given a few new CP possibilities, I feel like I would have the most control over at WP. This is a tough decision and I feel some pressure leaning to stick with CP.

* Why am I in another funk on shooting? For some reason or another, I haven’t shot much in the past week and a half. I’m not sure why I get in these grooves. Maybe it’s just because I needed a mental break. I have been thinking about my expansion and how I need to be more than photo, and actually trying to figure out if I start a magazine what it will be. I’m nearly positive I want to run my own online publication.

Things on my heart:

* What next year holds is scary. Mary Margaret may be moving back to Louisville and I will be working more than most professionals (any). I don’t want to lose her to Louisville, even if it is an hour away. I’m really comfortable keeping her to myself. That’s selfish, isn’t it?

* I miss music.  I told Mary Margaret the other night that the only thing I that I love as much as photography is music. I loved performing and having a band and writing songs. Nothing feels quite like finishing a song and listening to it and being so pleased with everything, except maybe finishing a long, hard fought for mixed media piece.

But even with mixed media, you aren’t coming up with everything. That’s what I love about music, from every chord played to every lyric written it’s all yours. It is truly your creation, there was no storyline that someone presented to you. I hope I can start jamming a bit with Oost this summer. If I have any money left after buying a new computer I may buy a new bass.

* Am I going to fulfill my capabilities? A lot has fallen on my plate this semester, I hope I can hold up to the expectations of the Kernel, the Kernelites and my friends and family. I have made a lot of promises and set even more goals for myself and this newspaper.

It’s all ready time to start making those happen.

All opinions on this blog don’t necessarily represent that of those who work for the Kernel, or the Kentucky Kernel. While my opinions are the best ones, it should be understood that they are not ones that everyone else accepts. 

15 seconds of swirls

Posted in Mary Margaret, Photo lesson, photography, photojournalism, PJ class on March 17, 2008 by lenscapremoved


I didn’t want to just do a lame portrait. By a portrait’s nature they are easily simple. But I wanted to add depth.

This is a technique I have tried before when I first started to explore when I got into photography. It’s fun, and can add a mysterious layer to your photo that makes people think. It’s the same technique that Sprint is using to make its commercials. The top photo was one of the first that I shot and I like it the most.


Mary Margaret thankfully complied to letting me shoot photos of her in the dark for nearly half an hour. I just sat a camera on the top of my TV, composed and exposed for what I thought the exposure would be. With no lights in the room, I bounced a flash and then used a flashlight to draw the lines. A normal flashlight gives way more size to the light, so I taped it down to a small hole about as wide as a pen.


These aren’t amazing. They’re just kind of fun to shoot and learn how light works. I was covering the strobe with a blue shirt, when the shirt fell off and the flash fired full blast into the room, giving me the terrible photograph below. But it does show you how it was shot, so I threw it in.


Camera settings:

Shutter: 15 seconds
Aperture: 5.6
ISO: 80
Off Camera flash: 430 EX @ 1/32 on first photo, 1/1 on others
Orange light source: Mag-Lite w/ gaffers
Top it all off: Camera – Canon G9


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Pinhole – simple camera. Results – God awful photos.

An idea I picked up from Jim in Evarts, I tried it out recently. My first attempts at pinhole photography were some of the worst photos I have ever taken. I did learn a few things about light, and that I need to clean my sensor.

But, I have researched a bit and think I have a much better understanding of how to do it now. It seems I was a bit impatient for pinhole photography. So as I learn you’ll learn.

My setup was basically a body cap that I drilled a hole in the center and laid a piece of paper over and tried different sized holes. It’s a bit cheaper than those fancy lenses we haul, but obviously the quality sucked. I am convinced I can make good pictures this way though. Look for it.






People are made up of water and fear

Posted in Diary, Mary Margaret, photography on January 9, 2008 by lenscapremoved

School is today.

That means I start going to class and thinking about work all the time, which also happens to be my most passionate hobby so it’s really a round the clock deal. I’ll try to work my night schedule with Mary Margaret’s morning schedule. It seems we’ll be treading a rough semester to her, but I feel we’ll pull it out.  Today is her last first day of school. I have at least two more after this.

Since I was in pre-school my mom always took pictures of me on my way out the door. I’m starting to close in on my final days, and after this semester it’s time to think if I want to go to grad school or hit the real world, and the underlying question to that: Am I considering grad school to give myself time to figure things out?

I hope not.


Whoops, I missed. All in all, I have seen times when more education pays (literally). But I also know that most of the photo greats, the giants, didn’t have a pj degree. Heck, some of them don’t even have degrees. But what’s right for this guy? My mom and dad have been totally supportive in what seems like a reckless career to other parents. I hope I can take all of these first days and make them worth something.


Always challenging

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For as long as I can remember, I have turned mindless tasks into games.

When I was younger and would help my dad do work around the yard I would do my best to keep it from being boring. If I were helping carry pieces of a tree he had chopped up with a chainsaw, I would see how far I could throw each one into the pile. Or maybe pick out a log already in the pile and try to hit it with the one in my hand. I would imagine it being a competition, and I was to be the best contender.

I tend to apply that with everything. It’s always a competition. I’ve been in Louisville since the Music City Bowl and have been shooting the whole time, and all of it has been in completely meaningless situations. Nothing extraordinary. My goal is to make each scene enchanting. Yeah, enchanting. Captivating. Breach the methodical. Capture true character. Conquer beyond what has been conventional.

That’s what I have tried to do with all of these photos taken from the inside of a car. I hope they made you stop and think, “I wouldn’t have thought of that” or at least make you appreciate my eye.

If you don’t, let me know. Because this isn’t an imaginary playing field anymore and I’m certainly not the only player on the stage.





Alpha dog

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This is not my puppy. This is my camera strap though.

20080101louisville_r_bjl082.jpg     20080101louisville_r_bjl068.jpg