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It’s like out West, only without the 5,000 mile drive

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With a dead story and only a day and a half to shoot, I wanted to leave Evarts, Ky with more than what I came with.

I could be sentimental and say, “Oh but I met so many new friends and had fun and it was a great learning experience.” But really, I wanted good pictures. Workshops always provide you with all of these. Connections. Good times. Learning experiences. Portfolio pictures.

I didn’t have time to shoot much of a story, but in between being honked at on the side of the road for standing at memorials, I shot landscapes. Some of which are really nice and telling of the area, others are just OK.

Shooting landscapes reminded me of this summer. It made miss just driving, not knowing where I was going to sleep. Evarts, a place so different than the West, caused me to miss California and its diverse land. It made me miss Elliott and wish he had been able to be in Evarts not only to shoot good pictures, but to hang out with me and Ed when we’re not having to make newspapers. Staying in an unfamiliar house for the sake of photographs made me miss Martha.

I will probably never have another entire summer to throw away for the sake of pictures. These trips when I get a full week to just think about them are some of my favorite times each semester. I hope, with Jim’s help, we can keep building these workshops and having great experiences.

This is the main cemetery from Ages through Evarts. There are other small cemeteries, but this is pretty much it. In my lifetime, I’ve had 6 family members buried here, including Clyde Wilson and most recently, my grandfather, JC Luttrell.

Good light and old, pretty houses make for good pictures.

I am going to reshoot this sometime. I need to be closer to downtown, or get a hold of a 300 with an extender. There are two steeples right in this area, and I think if I moved around I could probably frame this up a lot better.

I think my dad called this area Sunshine. I told him there’s nothing there but a few playing fields, but he said it used to be a community.


It was in the back of my mind

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When my story fell through I went to one I had been plotting in the back of my mind.

Roadside memorials are visible all across the country. It’s something I have always thought would be cool to shoot, and is a great story to tell, but had never done it. When my nursing story fell through because of a blackout to the media, I immediately knew what I would pick up.

I only had two days left, so I had to have something that I could do quickly. I think these images are a nice start to my project. I’ll try to keep you up to date along the way.








Coal country

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We just spent a week in what used to be known as bloody Harlan. The county has an incredible history, and if you don’t know about it you should check it out. There is a great documentary about it called Harlan County USA.

The one with the chickens

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I was asking a fellow on the side of the road on a little past Evarts where his junkyard was.

“So you’re in Ages?” I said.

“Yeah,” he whipped while strapping his tow straps to the front of the car in the ditch.

“Where in Ages?” I asked, as if he should have known from the first question, that I was asking where he was located.

“It’s the one with all of the chickens,” he said.

Man, that’s awesome. If he had a business card, I would hope that would be a part of the directions, or even the street address.




And now I’m screwed

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Today I bailed.

I’ve been busting my tail to get nurses to talk to me about their personal life, and today an official blackout to the media came from the Union and ARH. I made my calls, and after either no one answering or calling back, I realized I didn’t have a picture story.


So I drove through Evarts trying to figure out what I was going to do. How would I put together a picture story in two days?


I wasn’t really able to with this kid. But I did make three nice frames of him in his home. Then I had an idea. A project I’ve been thinking of for a while now.


I’ll bring it to the stage later.

All systems red

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HARLAN, Ky – Goals for workshop: shoot picture story. What I have accomplished: Shooting pictures of my family.

I am spending most of my time tracking down nurses on both sides of the picket line, but in between I drop in on my grandparents or my aunt and uncle. I made some pretty decent photos of my grandfather and cousin today, but it’s still totally unrelated to my story.





It starts with you. And you. And you. And you.

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Photo by Kristin Sherrard

It takes a lot of courage to step into something you have never been a part of and have no clue about.

People like Kristin Sherrard, new comers to our photo community, are admirable people for stepping out of their shell and saying, “I want to learn this, no matter what it takes.” I hope we continue to see more people like her. After reading Kristin’s most recent post, Somewhere I belong or just a dream, I was inspired. It’s good to see people who want to be with us, instead of those who seem bored with photojournalism after only being around it during their college career.

I’m not sure how anyone could be bored with photojournalism. Everyday you can be someone else. You can tell someone else’s story to the world (or at least the extent of your publication…which with the internet, it’s now endless). What is more exciting than that?

Photo by Kasha Stevenson

A good friend and great photographer of ours at UKPJ, Kasha Stevenson, should also be noted for her courage. She is in Vietnam right now with Sean Rose, covering a self produced story idea. She came up with it, pitched it to Chris Poore and now she’s there, making it happen. That is bold.

These two people have inspired me. I hope I can continue to bring you glimpses of their work from their young blogs. But that will be up to them.

This is how our community must start. With people gaining interest in what we are creating. They want to be a part of us, because what we’re producing is admirable to outsiders. Up until now, it’s not been that way. But we have to start sometime. Somewhere.

“I want to go into the photo office after the holidays and blow Jim away with how much I have improved! …I want him (and everyone who reads this blog) to see how hard I have worked over the break to show I “belong” in the photog group. I realize that I just bought my camera and that I don’t have any experience or any money to buy really nice lenses, etc, and that I am running low on time in my collegiate career, but I don’t want that to stop me from producing the best work that I can. I realize that I will probably never be as good as my colleagues who have been doing this much longer than I have, but I want to try.”

-Kristin Sherrard,
in her most recent post

I love her attitude, and I hope we can keep her around and keep finding people like her. I also hope you’ll add her to your bookmarks and continue to support her. Hits and comments motivate people.

Keep coming back around here this week too, I’ll be producing as much work for you as possible in my Evarts workshop for Picture Kentucky winter’s session.