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Much better than yesterday

Posted in quick and easy on February 2, 2008 by lenscapremoved

Is it strange to blog about pictures and not show you any?

Today I reshot the basketball tournament and shot another event. Both of which were good subjects for multimedia, and I recorded audio. I think basketball was a better opporutnity than the other, which was music lessons, but I’ll also say that I used a mini disc recorder for the lessons. If you haven’t used one of these things don’t. They’re horrible pieces of machinery.  Tell your friends.

I’ll be turning to the Kernel early tomorrow morning after pulling what I consider to be a relatively late Saturday night there. Hopefully I’ll be able to turn my article that I’m writing and a few good photographs to you. And in between all of this I need to learn some facts about Socrates and what he thinks about life.

 In between all of that, I need to figure out mine for next year. Any thoughts?


Potentially has potential

Posted in basketball, quick and easy, sports on February 1, 2008 by lenscapremoved

These photos aren’t really good, but tomorrow is when I’ll be putting all my effort into shooting this. I covered Hill on wheels, from Louisville, at this tourney a few years ago. Now I’m going to do a mixed media piece on it for K[mm]. You can kind of see that I started looking for different angles, but this is all with my wide 16-35. Tomorrow I’ll be equipped with P-wizards, two cameras, three or four lenses and of course, audio equipment.


This player needs a ball.


I need to be higher and have this dude’s face.


Very typical wheelchair basketball photo.


Boring photo.


Kind of interesting. I can’t wait to reshoot this.

Dude, where’s my blog?

Posted in quick and easy, UKPJ on January 30, 2008 by lenscapremoved

I know I know. I’m embarrassed about it.

 I haven’t exactly been putting much time into this blog, but it has been a league of absence that should go excused. Let me explain.

This semester I took on the job of multimedia editor for the Kernel. As a part of that I had to build a new Web site. I’ve been working very hard on this since the beginning of the semester, and am proud to say it’s almost there. The paper is launching the site on Monday, and I have to have it basically finished by Friday.

 If you will, check out Kernel Mixed Media. Let me know what you think.

Cats defeat No. 3 Vols

Posted in basketball, Kernel, photography, quick and easy on January 22, 2008 by lenscapremoved

A day that started out in total failure for photography ended OK. UK hosted No. 3 Tennessee and pulled out an upset. I nailed down a few nice photos. I have a lot more to come, including an entire series of remote photos. This is just all I can get up with a raspy cough rattling out of my throat and increasing pressure in my eyes.


Patrick Patterson with his parents. 





Bruce Pearl yelling.


A very happy UK team. Especially little Perry.

These photos belong to the Kentuckian and Brad Luttrell. In no way do you have permission to copy them from this site. If you are interested in purchasing a print, please contact me. Copying these photos to any Web site for any purpose is STEALING and is against the law.

On the side:

Ed informed me tonight that Heath Ledger was found dead. He killed himself with sleeping pills. This really bummed me out. I thought you should know. He was a great actor.

Cameras and caffeine

Posted in Also removing lens caps (or pen caps), Mary Margaret, quick and easy, Snappers on December 9, 2007 by lenscapremoved

Photo by Julie Vachon

OK, I’m going to whip out some basic logic on you.

If I take a lot of pictures wherever I go, and the only place I have been is mostly coffee shops, then almost all of my pictures are from inside of coffee shops.

Follow that? Pretty simple.


Things I have noticed about coffee shops and pictures:

  • If you are trying to take pictures, you’re going to see a lot of the repetition of form. Pretty much everyone is looking like Mary Margaret in the frame above.
  • Coffee shop lighting isn’t always the easiest to shoot in, especially at night. This is most evident in the photo below. I am aware I have overtoned this picture, but around the third time of trying I said forget it. I don’t care if it looks bad.
  • A woman can sit and yack on the phone and throw out about a million “like, ums and whatevers” but as soon as you start to take pictures everyone gives you the eye.
  • After drinking way too much coffee and loading up on caffeine you will have a hard time only directing your attention to note cards and psychology books. At this point you have an excellent caffeine high and great mentality to make fun snappers of your friends.
  • No matter what coffee shop you are in, there will be friends there to distract you (and pick up your camera to take pictures of you).


I need a 75 on my psychology test to make a B in the class. If I can make a B in psychology, A in journalism, B in art, B in linguistics and C in philosophy I will pull the 3.0 GPA that my parents appreciate so much. I’m a little disappointed I wont be getting an A in linguistics or B in philosophy, but I have devoted way more time into passion than obligation. Even while I’m plowing through my notes, I’m itching to edit pictures, work on Kernel mixed media and Kentucky’s first competitive photography journal. I can’t wait to finish on Thursday so I can have three weeks of me. Accomplishing my goals. The ones that I don’t need a test to tell me how well I did.

Only four tests and four more days.

How do you like your fruit? Soggy?

Posted in Also removing lens caps (or pen caps), quick and easy on December 4, 2007 by lenscapremoved

““I want to be a wanderer,” I told him and laughed at my own answer. “I want to be important to someone, to be remembered. I want to be brave and I want to be smart and I want to be loved. And I want to be passionate and spontaneous.” He was laughing with me by the end of my list.“I believe you will be all of those things,” he said, “maybe you are already those things.”

I’m scared, I told him. Scared that he is wrong that I am none of these things. That I am only cautious and that people will only think I’m aimless in my wandering.

“Not all who wander are aimless,” Mr. Kelly says, “and if I am sure of anything, I’m sure you are brave.”

-Blair Thomas, about her friend Mr. Kelly, on her blog, Soggy Fruit

Blair thankfully has a fulltime photographer following her around.
Photo by Elliott Hess

Digging around on my blog, looking at my stats, I found her.

I found her in my referrer list. I had no idea who this was, or if I even knew this person who was linking to my site. I clicked and just started digging through her blog.

What I found was some of the best thought out and most well written material on the blogosphere. I’m not exaggerating. Heck, I’m not even flattering her. She is the author of the most beautiful blog I have been able to add to my Bookmarks.

I’m becoming a better writer just from reading her work. And even if you’re not interested in writing, you will become a better philosopher.

That’s how I’m coming to see Blair’s blog. She deals with everyday life experiences and finds so much more than a hassle. Sometimes life is too complicated, and sometimes we’re over complicating it. She’s appreciating it either way, and I can appreciate that.

Her blog is everything I wish I could give to my readers. So since I can’t write as well as her, I figure I should just give you the link:

Come find Blair Thomas and her short masterpieces at Soggy Fruit

Define tomorrow

Posted in quick and easy on December 1, 2007 by lenscapremoved

Blogger note: These photos are property of the Kentuckian. Any reproduction is a violation of copyright. Please respect my work and the Kentuckian’s property. If you are interested in purchasing any photos from the Kentuckian, please contact me at


” An emcee told a crowd of hundreds to put their hands in the air. An armed robber stepped to a bank and told everyone to put their hands inthe air. A Christian minister gives his benediction while the congregation hold their hands in the air. Love the image of the happy Buddha with his hands in the air. Hands up if you’re confused, define tomorrow.”

-Saul Williams, Penny for a thought

Relativity. It’s all relative, as Jack Johnson said. And kind of what Williams is saying in the Penny for a thought.

For the most part, I say armpit pictures aren’t worth running. But it’s more important to understand a rule than to just abide by it. It’s like how Picasso loved to work outside of the boundaries. He could paint a picture better than you can take one with a camera, but where is the challenge in showing it as you already see it?

At the Kernel earlier in the semester, it came up that you should run faces on the front of the newspaper. In discussion, Carla Winn brought up the point that there are times you can break a rule. It’s true in photography. And I don’t think you have to become Picasso-de-photo to grasp this concept.

I’m just a student. I give a lot of strong opinions, right here on Beyond the map stars. Things I learn from others and things I just figure out on my own, mostly through failure. Well I took photos that I liked tonight, and yes, they are armpit pictures. So I’m going to give my reasoning on what I think made these good armpit pictures. None of which are great. I didn’t shoot any winner winner chicken dinners tonight. But it’s hard shooting a portfolio picture every time you take on an assignment. Unless you’re Elliott.