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I do baseball too

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I shot baseball in the first time in possibly forever. I did a little mixed media on it, and the video wasn’t as good as I wanted. It’s a bit shaky and the quality isn’t as good as I have achieved in the past. Overall though I think this piece works well. Sorry for an over sized thumbnail. I didn’t feel like resizing it.

View the site. It’s coming along every day.

In other news, I will have professional video at my disposal at the end of the week.



Gym Cats from forever ago

Posted in sports, University of Kentucky on February 24, 2008 by lenscapremoved

Whoops. Britney and I were talking about this event and I asked her if she saw my take. Turns out no one else did either. I can’t let pictures go unseen.







Float like a butterfly

Posted in boxing, photography, photojournalism, sports on February 10, 2008 by lenscapremoved

 Britney and I shot boxing the same night we left to chase the storms. They speak for themselves. These guys (plus one woman) are tough. Don’t mess with them.









They control more than your TV

Posted in basketball, Kernel, Photo lesson, photography, photojournalism, sports on February 3, 2008 by lenscapremoved

I finally gave in and bought my own.

After three years of borrowing Keith’s p-wizards and tabletop tripod and Ed’s p-wizards, I finally gave in and bought my own. I should be getting two transceivers in the mail this week.

I didn’t have those this weekend though, and thanks to Ed, I used his and Elliott’s gear to set up the rig below.

All of this is because I didn’t have a tabletop tripod. That’s a magic arm mounted to a huge, bulky tripod. It looks ridiculous because it is. I wanted to do this to show perspective. Wheelchairs are closer to the ground and that in itself is different, but these hardcore players are constantly knocking each other over. So I kind of wanted to have a picture that would give you that angle. I never got it though.


The picture above is about as good as it got. I wanted all this action right in my face. I need someone falling onto my camera or this same moment above. If you’re quick you saw that No. 22’s wheels are up. It’s intense action. But this is basically the same shot you go for at other basketball game floor remotes.


Unfortunately, this is my best shot. Basically all you get is the ugliest lights you have ever seen and little action. Under the goal shots are the same here. Armpits.

But the remotes did not fail. During the second half I tried a whole new remote. The pole-camera. Stick a camera on a monopod, hook it up to a remote or trigger cable and bam, you  just added about 6-8 feet to your own height. It’s amazing.

The shot below is a subtle example. It’s only a bit higher than my own vantage point. But it’s a pretty solid storytelling moment.


But here is where I was most satisfied. I was trying to figure out the shot. All of these wheelchairs on a basketball court. That is just an amazing picture, if you can find it. I am very pleased with this shot. While it’s not a great action shot, or amazing face, it’s storytelling. You know what you’re looking at.


I can’t wait to get remotes so I can start trying out all of these crazy ideas that are going on in my head.

Potentially has potential

Posted in basketball, quick and easy, sports on February 1, 2008 by lenscapremoved

These photos aren’t really good, but tomorrow is when I’ll be putting all my effort into shooting this. I covered Hill on wheels, from Louisville, at this tourney a few years ago. Now I’m going to do a mixed media piece on it for K[mm]. You can kind of see that I started looking for different angles, but this is all with my wide 16-35. Tomorrow I’ll be equipped with P-wizards, two cameras, three or four lenses and of course, audio equipment.


This player needs a ball.


I need to be higher and have this dude’s face.


Very typical wheelchair basketball photo.


Boring photo.


Kind of interesting. I can’t wait to reshoot this.

UK vs. UT – Pearl hunting

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Despite how much I hate Tennessee, I actually like their coach.

Bruce Pearl is perfect for college basketball. Anyone who will go to a women’s basketball game with their body painted is a fun guy.

He’s also full of great faces. I captured a lot of emotions out of him, which is important when you don’t know how the game is going to end. You want to have the right moment for the story. I think that moment is in this top photo where he realized his No. 3 Vols were falling to what was supposed to have been a bad basketball team.

Agony of defeat – Rupp is erupptinghere and he is just taking it in.

Anticipation – wishfully looking on to see if the ball drops.

Confusion – arguing a call

Bustin’ a rhyme – Yo, my name is! Er, no. Just coaching his players. 

Respect – Pearl is very cool about his coaching. Not screaming his head off. He listens to his players. 

Yelling – but he does still let a few shouts loose. 

Eff – this looks like it’s a big curse word. 

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UK vs. UT – Remote shots

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Blogger note: These photos are the property of the Kentuckian and Brad Luttrell. Respect the Kentuckian’s property. If you are interested in purchasing my work, please email me. 


Remote cameras are a good way to get where your big bulky body can’t.

Basically this is just a camera set up on the floor in front of where I was sitting with a wire attached and a button at the other end so I can fire it. It gets me a low shot and I can keep firing with my other camera to get nice tight photos, as in the previous post. The shot I’ve been trying for is kind of the one below but I want people chasing the ball right for my face. Remotes are basically thinking of the shot you want, setting up a camera, and hoping the moment is right.

Please, please, please tell me which one you like the most. If you just hover over the picture a number will pop up. Comment. Even if you don’t know jack about pictures.