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Dude, where’s my blog?

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I know I know. I’m embarrassed about it.

 I haven’t exactly been putting much time into this blog, but it has been a league of absence that should go excused. Let me explain.

This semester I took on the job of multimedia editor for the Kernel. As a part of that I had to build a new Web site. I’ve been working very hard on this since the beginning of the semester, and am proud to say it’s almost there. The paper is launching the site on Monday, and I have to have it basically finished by Friday.

 If you will, check out Kernel Mixed Media. Let me know what you think.


2007 Year in review – Sports picture story

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KNPA entries were due last night. I worked my tail off going through my pictures from all of 2007. Instead of doing a massive slide show, I’m going to break it down, and hopefully get some feedback. These are my best sports photos from last year.

We’ll start with a picture story about the 2007 football season. Captions are as they were turned in.

This year, my goal at almost every football game was to make pictures, excellent pictures, due to the light. I watched for it. I wanted it. Without even noticing it at the times, I ended up with solid photos, due to light. I’m learning.


UK quarterback Andre’ Woodson stands with his team at the start of his second Music City Bowl appearance. Woodson was prospected to be a Heisman winner at the beginning of the season. Woodson led his team over top ranked LSU and to a second Music City Bowl.


LSU running back Charles Scott leaps into the end zone during the Kentucky vs. LSU game on Oct. 13, 2007. The Cats beat the top ranked Tigers after three overtimes.


UK fans argue a call at the UK vs. LSU game on Oct. 13, 2007. The Cats fans have suffered through many losing seasons, but for the past two years have enjoyed finishing with a post season record of 8-5.


Head coach of the Cats, Rich Brooks, argues a call at the LSU game. Brooks was long ridiculed by fans, along with athletics director Mitch Barnhart for the hire. “Ditch Rich and Mitch,” slogans were more common before the Cats titled as Music City Bowl champions for two years in a row.


Sophomore offensive tackle Justin Jeffries flexes to the crowd after UK put points on the board against LSU. The Cats beat the top ranked Tigers in three overtimes and moved to No. 7 in the rankings


Junior linebacker Braxton Kelley celebrates with fans on the field of Commonwealth Stadium after UK defeated No. 9 Louisville. The fans rushed the field twice during the 2007 season.


Head coach Rich Brooks holds up two No. 1’s to the crowd before leaving the fan-stormed field after defeating top-ranked LSU. Brooks had been under scrutiny for what he called a rebuilding process, but proved himself and his team by defeating a top-ranked team for the first time in 30 years.


Fans cover their eyes from the sun in Commonwealth Stadium during the UK vs. Florida game on Oct. 20, 2007. A once uncommon site, the fans filled the stadium for multiple games this season.


ESPN GameDay came to Lexington for the first time to cover the UK vs. Florida game. Around 10,000 fans showed up for the event and were the loudest group GameDay had ever seen.


Senior Andre’ Woodson looks for an open receiver against Vanderbilt defenders in Nashville on Nov. 11, 2007.


Senior Wesley Woodyard hugs Rich Brooks while his teammates pass their second Music City Bowl trophy around after the Cats defeated the Florida State Seminoles on New Year’s Eve, 2007. Brooks said that his senior class was the most special group of people he had ever coached.

The beavers will be out soon

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I’m just going to assume you guys are reading Jim and Elliott’s blogs.

I went with them to get information about their picture stories, the Woodsmen and Old man and the sea. In Jim’s whip, we blazed through back roads, while testing out his new Tomtom. I basically mooched off their last picture story, the Old man and the sea.  This guy was awesome. I didn’t get great pictures, but I’m OK with them considering I just hung out for half an hour.




New Year’s resolution

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* Work harder than you

Clear as black and white – Part I

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Blogger note: Here is 2-part step-back to my photo lessons & discussion, which never really ends in discussion. It’s more like I give my opinion, I get a few hundred hits and 3 comments about pretty pictures. I have talked about this to several people lately and know this is interesting to more than just me, so please give feedback (even if you don’t shoot pictures).

Black and white is no longer mandatory.

We’re not shooting film on Nikon Fs (not that I have ever used anything before a 20D). All in one photo you have the options of color or black and white or really, any color scheme you can pull together in Photoshop. I don’t think it’s a decision to be made very carelessly. Both color and black and white have much to offer.


This is one of my favorite photos I have taken over the break, and it is definitely IN for color. The multiple layers and colors work really well together, although after some criticism I do believe it should be cropped a bit from the left. But for now, we’re only looking at color. My eye flows well through the photo above. Recently, one of our peer photographers said, “I think that’s what makes a good photograph, is when it just stops you and gets you to look at it.”


I agree with what my peer was saying, but there are boundaries within what he is saying. The black and white version of this picture grabs you, but it’s only because you’re confused. If confusion is what is capturing your viewer and you aren’t relaying a message, emotion or piece to a story, then what is your picture doing? This photo in black and white is definitely OUT and just simply does not work.


This photo comes from Britney McIntosh’s blog. She had a few nice frames from a nursing home, which I found it to be interesting that she had them toned in black and white AND color. I can see her reasoning for this frame being color. It has a nice tree and fun color throughout the frame. The lady in the frame has colorful shorts on. It’s not a great frame, but in my opinion – speaking strictly to color, it’s better in color than black and white. So her choice on color for this frame is IN.


This frame – OUT. If I just try to look at the subject my eyes are burning trying to look at that ugly EXIT sign and the giant red and yellow blocks in the background. This frame is in no way about the EXIT (unless Britney is sending us subliminal messages) or the huge legos at the end of the hallway. They aren’t adding to the picture. Let’s try it out in black and white.


Much better. This photo is IN. The sign and legos aren’t distracting me at all anymore. I can focus on the subject and work my way through the photo on my own terms, without feeling compelled to relate the EXIT and this lady.


Elliott Hess loaded up this photo along with others. I have mixed feelings about this picture. I haven’t seen it in color, so all I have is all you see, but I think it would have worked in color pretty well. In this case, I don’t think the red flag would have been distracting, but helped to give life to this picture (which is of a dude scraping a raccoon’s skin off it’s body). Still the same, this photo is IN. I think his decision to make this picture black and white fell more to do with the fact that his others about this subject were black and white. You can’t bounce back and forth at your own free will. Pick your formula and don’t deviate. More on this in part II.

Now, the original thought, or question. Of what guidelines should we go by when deciding if our photos should be in black and white? I wonder if we (WE:me, you, the next guy) are attempting to give weight to our pictures that is lacked in content by toning our pictures in black and white. Are we falling back to a repressed idea that by giving our photos an old fashioned, hard hitting, documentary appeal they will affect people the same way? Yeah, I think so.

Mull that about for a day or so. We’ll see what comes of this tomorrow.

It’s like out West, only without the 5,000 mile drive

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With a dead story and only a day and a half to shoot, I wanted to leave Evarts, Ky with more than what I came with.

I could be sentimental and say, “Oh but I met so many new friends and had fun and it was a great learning experience.” But really, I wanted good pictures. Workshops always provide you with all of these. Connections. Good times. Learning experiences. Portfolio pictures.

I didn’t have time to shoot much of a story, but in between being honked at on the side of the road for standing at memorials, I shot landscapes. Some of which are really nice and telling of the area, others are just OK.

Shooting landscapes reminded me of this summer. It made miss just driving, not knowing where I was going to sleep. Evarts, a place so different than the West, caused me to miss California and its diverse land. It made me miss Elliott and wish he had been able to be in Evarts not only to shoot good pictures, but to hang out with me and Ed when we’re not having to make newspapers. Staying in an unfamiliar house for the sake of photographs made me miss Martha.

I will probably never have another entire summer to throw away for the sake of pictures. These trips when I get a full week to just think about them are some of my favorite times each semester. I hope, with Jim’s help, we can keep building these workshops and having great experiences.

This is the main cemetery from Ages through Evarts. There are other small cemeteries, but this is pretty much it. In my lifetime, I’ve had 6 family members buried here, including Clyde Wilson and most recently, my grandfather, JC Luttrell.

Good light and old, pretty houses make for good pictures.

I am going to reshoot this sometime. I need to be closer to downtown, or get a hold of a 300 with an extender. There are two steeples right in this area, and I think if I moved around I could probably frame this up a lot better.

I think my dad called this area Sunshine. I told him there’s nothing there but a few playing fields, but he said it used to be a community.

It starts with you. And you. And you. And you.

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Photo by Kristin Sherrard

It takes a lot of courage to step into something you have never been a part of and have no clue about.

People like Kristin Sherrard, new comers to our photo community, are admirable people for stepping out of their shell and saying, “I want to learn this, no matter what it takes.” I hope we continue to see more people like her. After reading Kristin’s most recent post, Somewhere I belong or just a dream, I was inspired. It’s good to see people who want to be with us, instead of those who seem bored with photojournalism after only being around it during their college career.

I’m not sure how anyone could be bored with photojournalism. Everyday you can be someone else. You can tell someone else’s story to the world (or at least the extent of your publication…which with the internet, it’s now endless). What is more exciting than that?

Photo by Kasha Stevenson

A good friend and great photographer of ours at UKPJ, Kasha Stevenson, should also be noted for her courage. She is in Vietnam right now with Sean Rose, covering a self produced story idea. She came up with it, pitched it to Chris Poore and now she’s there, making it happen. That is bold.

These two people have inspired me. I hope I can continue to bring you glimpses of their work from their young blogs. But that will be up to them.

This is how our community must start. With people gaining interest in what we are creating. They want to be a part of us, because what we’re producing is admirable to outsiders. Up until now, it’s not been that way. But we have to start sometime. Somewhere.

“I want to go into the photo office after the holidays and blow Jim away with how much I have improved! …I want him (and everyone who reads this blog) to see how hard I have worked over the break to show I “belong” in the photog group. I realize that I just bought my camera and that I don’t have any experience or any money to buy really nice lenses, etc, and that I am running low on time in my collegiate career, but I don’t want that to stop me from producing the best work that I can. I realize that I will probably never be as good as my colleagues who have been doing this much longer than I have, but I want to try.”

-Kristin Sherrard,
in her most recent post

I love her attitude, and I hope we can keep her around and keep finding people like her. I also hope you’ll add her to your bookmarks and continue to support her. Hits and comments motivate people.

Keep coming back around here this week too, I’ll be producing as much work for you as possible in my Evarts workshop for Picture Kentucky winter’s session.